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Fleet Fuel Card

The TCS Fleet Fuel Card Can Help You Save Money

TCS Fuel Card for Fleets

If you have a fleet of trucks, you’re busy and you need a fuel card that works just as hard as you do.

That’s why at TCS we’re dedicated to providing a fleet fuel card with big discounts and a streamlined fuel management system. That’s how you save thousands on fuel and service for your trucking company, hassle-free. What is a fleet fuel card? What are the benefits? We’ll tell you.

Fuel Discounts with the TCS Fleet Fuel Card

Benefits of the TCS Fleet Fuel Card

Aside from the big fuel savings and zero transaction fees when you purchase fuel at our in-network locations, you’ll never find mystery fees hidden within your statements or accounts. We believe in being upfront and honest. We even send you as many cards needed to cover your fleet of trucks at no additional cost.

Fleet Fuel Management

Simple Fleet Fuel Management

The TCS Website is easy to use and gives you real-time updates about your fleet’s fuel account 24/7. If you ever have a question or need help, our TCS Customer Service representatives are available 24/7 to quickly address your needs.

TCS Fleet Fuel Card

Fuel Card Customization and Flexibilty

The TCS Fleet Fuel Card isn’t one size fits all. We work with you to design a flexible fuel card that works best for your fleet. We have both EFS and Comdata fuel card platforms available on the TCS Fuel Card. We even have tools that can help you control your fleet’s fuel costs giving you the power to set limits for fuel and non-fuel purchases for your drivers.

Discounts on Tires for Fleets

Service and Tire Discounts

The costs of truck maintenance, service, and tires can add up quickly when you have a fleet of trucks to manage. With the TCS Fleet Fuel Card you get discounts on preventative maintenance, oil changes, tires, and more at convenient TA Truck Service® Centers nationwide.

TCS Fuel Discount Locations

The TCS Fuel Card has more than 1,000 in-network fueling locations nationwide where clients can save huge on fuel and receive zero transaction fees on fuel purchases. Our extensive in-network fuel partners include TA®, Petro Stopping Centers®, TA Express®, AMBEST, Sapp Bros, Road Ranger, PWI, and more.

TCS fuel partners offer fuel discounts for truckers

TCS Fuel Finder App

How will you and your drivers know where to stop for fuel or if you’re getting the best fuel prices available?

We thought of that, too! The TCS Fuel Finder is an interactive map that shows you the best fuel prices in your area or along a route. The TCS Fuel Finder is easily accessible online through the TCS Website and on the free TCS Mobile App. The TCS Fuel Finder makes finding fuel prices and truck stop amenities stress-free and fast.

TCS Fuel Finder

Getting Huge Fleet Fuel discounts is Easy With the TCS Fleet Fuel Card.