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Fuel Cards For Owner Operators

The TCS Fuel Card Was Made for Owner-Operators & Truck Drivers

Fuel cards are often thought to be geared toward trucking companies with more than one truck. The TCS Owner-Operator Fuel Card is different because we give everyone the same great fuel discounts with no limits. We want to be the best fuel card for truckers, regardless of how many trucks they have.

As other fuel card companies continue to increase their fees, TCS remains fully committed to providing you with the best possible discounts we can offer on diesel fuel. We still offer low and fair costs for your fuel card, no matter your fleet size, and we’re keeping it that way.

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Why Use Fuel Cards as an Owner-Operator?

As an owner-operator of a trucking company, you have a lot of jobs. You look for freight to haul. Buy or rent trucks. You drive too! At the end of the day, you want these jobs to be manageable.

With a cash-secured TCS Fuel Card, you simplify one of your biggest tasks – managing fuel expenses. You can track the money spent on fuel in one place and enjoy other special perks that help you save. Instead of keeping stacks of receipts or updating spreadsheets, your fuel card does the work.

When you use a TCS Fuel Card, you can:

Enjoy peace of mind: Fuel makes up a big part of your expenses, and you want to track every cent spent. Instead of counting on receipts or credit card transactions, you can rest easy with all your spending tracked on your fuel card.

Boost efficiency: With easier fuel tracking, you can save time when balancing the books and creating budgets. Less time on accounting means you have more time to build your client base and haul goods.

Build your business: Better spending habits and higher efficiency make your trucking business a well-oiled machine. When your company runs smoothly, you can build your success faster.

How Does A TCS Fuel Card Work?

A fuel card is almost like a debit card, but a little better. To use it, you swipe it just like any other card when you’re at the pump. You may have to enter a driver number, unit number or another form of ID to start fueling. Once you type in your info, you can fill up your tank like you normally would.

So, what sets TCS Fuel Cards apart? Our fuel cards are:

Secure: Fuel cards have controls to stop fraud in its tracks. Control who uses your card, how much they spend, and where they can spend. Plus, a convenient card means you never need to carry around hundreds of dollars in cash.

Tax-ready: International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reports are important for trucking businesses. Find everything you need for these reports on your fuel card account.

Transparent: You can access every expense online or through the app. No secret fees or unexpected costs.

Easy to load: There are several ways to add money to your fuel card, like bank-to-bank transfers, third-party checks, Zelle®, and bank wires, so you always have enough to handle your next trip.

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Big Fuel Discounts Mean Big Fuel Savings

If you’re an owner-operator or company truck driver, you’re the one out on the road and the one fueling the truck. It means you’re in control of the fuel purchases, and saving money on fuel should be a high priority for you and your trucking company. There are many benefits to using a fuel card over cash or credit, but the biggest benefit of using a fuel card for truck drivers is receiving fuel discounts.

TCS clients save huge on fuel and receive zero transaction fees when they fuel up at more than 2,000 of our in-network locations nationwide. In-network locations include TA®, Petro Stopping Centers®, TA Express®, AMBEST, 7FLEET Diesel Network, Casey’s, Kwik Trip, Kwik Star, Maverik, Sapp Bros, Road Ranger, PWI, and more.. The TCS Fuel Card allows truckers and owner-operators to save on every fuel purchase because they never pay more than the cash price for fuel!

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What You Can do With a TCS Fuel Card

With a fuel card in your pocket, running your trucking business is easier than before. Check out some of the benefits of using owner-operator fuel cards.

Custom Controls are the TCS Difference

At TCS, we work with you to design a flexible fuel card program that is specific to your needs. We have both EFS and Comdata fuel card platforms available on the TCS Fuel Card. We can also help you control your budget and expenses by giving you the ability to set limits for yourself on fuel and non-fuel purchases. You can easily update any card limits you’ve created as needed.

Convenient Service and Tire Discounts at TA Truck Service® Centers

Owner-operators and truck drivers need their trucks to be in tip-top condition. Having a truck that’s reliable and well taken care of is how you provide for yourself and your family – it’s your lifeline. We know tires and service are important. That’s why TCS card holders receive discounts for preventative maintenance, oil changes, tires, and more at conveniently located TA Truck Service Centers facilities nationwide.

Fuel Management at Your Fingertips

You work hard, and you deserve a fuel card that works just as hard as you do. That’s why with TCS, you have access to our team of customer service representatives 24/7 to help you whenever and wherever you need it. TCS clients also have a complete online fuel management system at their fingertips with the TCS website and the free TCS mobile app. These management tools give you access to your fuel account anytime you need it.

Our mobile app for truckers and client website are also valuable tools for finding fuel sites near you. Get an idea of diesel costs in the surrounding area or along your route. Pricing your options on top of fuel discounts will amount to long-term savings.

TCS Fuel Card Clients Save on Diesel Fuel

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