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TCS Fuel Card Customization

by Mario Tarradell | February 19, 2019

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TCS Fuel Card Customization: A Great Tool for Fleet Management and Security Control

Life in the era of electronic technology is all about customization and control. You know the drill – go into the settings menu of your cell phone, your social media page, your email, or even your health insurance account and you’re in charge of customizing them to your convenience.

The TCS Fuel Card can be tailored to help trucking companies manage their fleet and stay in control of security measures. What’s most important about having the TCS Fuel Card? Well, certainly saving money on fuel is at the top of the list. So is making sure that there are limits on fuel, cash, products, and services.

What else is important to trucking companies? Security, security, and more security. There is no better feeling than making sure that your money and your livelihood are safe. The TCS Fuel Card allows clients to turn cards active and inactive, as well as restrict cards to only work in certain states.

Manage your fleet so you can always save money. Control your fuel card security and always feel empowered. The TCS Fuel Card can help you do both!

Fleet Management: Save Money Every Time

Location Restrictions – It might seem strange to limit your fueling locations but think of it as maximizing the savings for your trucking company! Saving money on fuel is huge. Customize the TCS Fuel Card to only work at in-network locations, such as TA and Petro, where TCS clients can save an average of 30 cents per gallon* on fuel and pay $0 transaction fees.

Limits on Fuel, Cash, Products and Services – This is the same idea as the Location Restriction, but this time you can place spending restrictions on fuel, cash, products, and services. TCS clients can also restrict buying products completely or deny permission to withdraw cash.

Security Control: Because Safety is a Priority

Turn Cards Active and Inactive – Power comes in the form of the TCS Fuel Card on and off controls. Stay secure by turning the TCS Fuel Card off and then turning it back on. TCS clients have total control over what card is being used and exactly when it is being used.

Restrict Cards to Only Work in Certain States – Does your fleet have dedicated lanes that run through only a few states? Perfect! TCS clients can choose to restrict cards to only work in certain states. That means the TCS Fuel Card can be stopped from working outside of those states.

How’s that for handy, standout TCS Fuel Card features? TCS clients can do all this by calling TCS Customer Service at 844-827-3835, through the TCS Fuel client website, or by accessing accounts with the TCS Mobile App.

Don’t have a TCS Fuel Card yet? These great customization and control features, as well as amazing fuel discounts at in-network locations, are waiting for you. Apply now!




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