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Diesel Fuel Discounts

TCS Fuel Card Helps You Get Big Fuel Discounts

TCS Fuel Discounts at in-network truck stops

Whether you’re running a trucking company, you’re driving the truck, or both – you need fuel. Fuel is the second largest operating expense for most trucking companies and can account for more than 20% of your trucking company’s total costs. So how do you manage fuel costs?

Fuel cards are a great way to save money on fuel while also controlling what products and limits are available. The TransConnect (TCS) Fuel Card provides fuel discounts for truckers that can add up to big fuel savings over time. TCS clients can save an average of 48 cents* a gallon when they fuel up at more than 2,000 of our nationwide in-network locations.

*Average savings of 48-cents per gallon is based on actual in-network TCS client transactions for Q2 of 2024.

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TCS fuel partners offer fuel discounts for truckers

The Advantages of the TCS Discount Fleet Card

Not all fuel discount programs for truckers boast the same benefits! When browsing for a fuel card, you’ll want to select one that offers the most helpful and comprehensive benefits possible for time and cost savings. The TCS Fuel Cards provide many benefits for truckers, including:

  • Free and easy to use: Some fuel card companies require paying activation or annual fees. Some even charge you transaction fees for in-network fuel purchases. But not TCS! Our fuel savings card is free to sign up for and use on all in-network fuel purchases. $0 activation, membership, monthly, or annual fees.
  • Nationwide network: We have more than 2,000 nationwide, convenient fuel stop locations, making finding fuel and filling up easier. We save small to medium-sized trucking companies time and money.
  • TCS Fuel Finder: We help you find in-network truck stops for discounted fuel with the help of our free and easy-to-use TCS Fuel Finder app. Knowing how to get fuel discounts has never been simpler. Some of our in-network locations include TA®, Petro Stopping Centers®, TA Express®, AMBEST Fuel Stops, 7FLEET Diesel Network, Casey’s, Kwik Trip, Kwik Star, Maverik, Sapp Bros., Roady’s, Road Ranger, and more.
  • Food, showers, and parking: The TCS Fuel Finder helps you get more than discounted fuel. We’ll help you find restaurants, parking, and showers with the information in our free app.
  • TCS client website: If you manage a team of truckers, our TCS client website allows you to easily add money to your team’s fuel cards using Zelle®. You can also check balances, view statements, and more — all in real time, 24/7, 365 days per year.
  • Maintenance services: The TCS Fuel Card also helps you grab discounts on tires and maintenance services at our in-network TA Truck Service Centers! All you need to do to get your discount is provide your DOT number.

Calculate Your Fuel Savings

See how much money you could save with our Fuel Discount Calculator.

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*The TCS Fuel Savings Calculator provides estimated fuel prices and savings, and in no way binds TCS to fuel prices or discounts. The calculator does not provide a final determination of the fuel prices you will pay or the discount you may receive, but is merely an estimation. Fuel prices continually change due to the market, suppliers, and truck stop determinations.

How Do Fuel Cards With Discounts Work?

At TCS, we apply a cost-plus discount to your fuel purchases, ensuring you always receive the best possible deal. When you visit one of our in-network fuel pumps, swipe your fuel discount card like a standard credit card. Next, the pump machine might ask you to key in your unit, driver, or trip number — or all of the above. Once you’ve entered the requested details, just fuel up per usual and take your receipt at the end! Sure, you could pay for truck fuel, products, and services with your typical means of payment, whether cash or debit card. But then you wouldn’t be taking advantage of the perks of using a TCS Fuel Card, which include savings per gallon and the security of knowing your crew is using the card strictly for fuel and other trucking-related services. Plus, a fuel card offers valuable documentation to assist you with International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reports.

Diesel Fuel Discounts Aren’t Created Equal

There are different types of fuel discounts and not all are created equal. Having a fuel network with mostly cost-plus and better-of discounts means that you pay slightly above what the truck stop pays for each gallon of fuel. There are other fuel discount programs out there, so it’s important to know the difference and what will save you the most money over time. The TCS Fuel Card specializes in leveling the playing field for all trucking companies and owner-operators. You get the same fuel discounts whether you’re an owner-operator or have a fleet of trucks to manage.

It’s obvious, the best part of getting diesel fuel discounts is saving money. With the TCS Fuel Card you’ll save money on every fuel purchase – never paying more than the cash price for diesel! The best way to maximize your fuel savings is by fueling up at our in-network discount locations.

Finding Fuel Discounts at TCS Fuel Network Locations

What good is a network of over 2,000 nationwide fueling locations if you don’t know where they’re located? Don’t worry – we thought of that, too! You’ll always know where to find the best fuel prices with the TCS Fuel Finder.

The TCS Fuel Finder is an interactive map that shows fuel prices at truck stops in your area or along a route, making saving money on fuel as easy as clicking a button. The Fuel Finder is available 24/7/365 on the TCS website and on the free TCS Mobile App.

Save money on fuel with the TCS fuel card for truckers

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