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Fuel Cards

A fuel card offers convenience for owner-operators, small trucking businesses, or fleets. A card makes it easier to manage and control your fuel-related expenses. Many cards also provide discounts — a significant perk when considering fluctuating fuel costs. 

While fuel cards offer numerous benefits, they also present similar risks to standard credit cards, like theft, fraud, and unauthorized use. Implementing increased security for fuel cards is crucial for protecting yourself from crime and substantial financial loss.

How to Keep Your Fuel Card Secure

How to Keep Your Fuel Card Secure

The following diesel fuel card security best practices can help protect you and your business.

1. Store the Card in a Secure Location

You probably don’t leave your credit cards lying around to become an inviting target for thieves. You should apply the same “out of sight, out of mind” principle when protecting your fuel card. Keep the card with you while on the road, and do not store it inside your vehicle. 

2. Don’t Share Your PIN With Anyone

You may feel safe providing your fuel card’s personal identification number (PIN) to people you trust or other business associates. But a shared PIN can easily fall into the wrong hands, which could have devastating consequences. To be safe, don’t give this information to anyone, even your spouse or other employees. You should also avoid writing the number down and storing it in a desk drawer or another location. Protect yourself even more by changing the PIN frequently.

3. Choose Pumps Closest to the Attendants

Criminals are more likely to attach card skimmers — illegal devices connected to card readers for collecting card numbers — to fuel pumps farther away from a building or attendant’s booth. They choose these pumps to avoid detection. You can reduce the chances of becoming a skimming victim by refueling at pumps visible to the facility’s employees. 

4. Check the Card Reader Before Refueling

A legitimate card reader should be firmly attached to the pump. Skimmers are easily detachable devices that often protrude at an odd angle from the reader. If something about the reader looks unusual or out of place or appears different from the readers on nearby pumps, drive to another station to refill your tank and inform the attendant. 

5. Utilize the Monitoring Resources

Choose a fuel card provider that offers access to reporting and monitoring tools that can alert you of suspicious or potentially fraudulent activities. You’ll be able to react to a threat promptly and avoid the ongoing use of a stolen card or number. 

6. Use Card Customization Features

You can set controls and limits for each TCS Fuel Card associated with your account. This means you know drivers are not purchasing more fuel or other items unless you approve them.

Select a Secure-Use Fuel Card From TransConnect Services

TCS can supply a cash-secured fuel card designed to meet the needs of owner-operators, small trucking companies, and fleets. Get access to special savings, a user-friendly mobile app, and other advanced features, including no transaction fees for in-network fuel purchases. Call us at 844-827-7705 or contact us online today for more diesel fuel card security tips. 


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