Discounts on Roadside Assistance For Truckers with the TCS Fuel Card
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Service and Roadside Rescue Discounts

TCS Roadside Rescue | Roadside Assistance for TCS Fuel Card Clients

TCS Makes Truck Service, Maintenance, and Roadside Assistance Easy!

Using a TCS Fuel Card to get significant fuel savings is a huge benefit for any trucking company or truck driver – but it shouldn’t be the only benefit!

We at TCS know that tires and maintenance are two inevitable expenses that can be stressful. That’s why in addition to saving on fuel, our clients have access to great tire and service discounts. They also get free membership to roadside assistance with discounted pricing.

Roadside Rescue

Save on Your Favorite Tire Brands

Truck stops are much more than just a place to fuel up your truck. These days many fuel stops provide food, showers, parking, truck service, and maintenance – it’s one-stop shopping at its finest. TCS helps make getting in, out, and on your way an even easier decision with money-saving tire and service discounts.

TA Truck Service® Centers are the nationwide providers of tire and service discounts to TCS clients. Our clients save on favorite brands, as well as enjoy discounts on preventative maintenance and other truck repairs. Receiving discounts at TA®, Petro Stopping Centers®, TA Express® service locations is easy. Our clients simply provide their DOT Number at checkout and the discounts are automatically applied.

Discounts at TA Petro

Unlimited Access to Roadside Assistance When You Need It

Accidents and breakdowns happen – it’s not a matter of if, but when. That’s why TCS gives clients free and automatic enrollment into our roadside assistance program. TCS clients rest assured knowing that help is just an easy phone call away when they need it most.

TCS Roadside Rescue with Service by Roadsquad

The TCS Roadside Rescue program, with service provided by RoadSquad®, is available to all TCS card holders. Membership to our roadside assistance program is free and offers our clients discounted pricing with a network of roadside assistance providers nationwide. Roadside technicians can perform a variety of services and assist with everything from simple diagnostic help to full-service repair management 24/7/365.

Roadside Rescue 24/7 Call Center offers:
  • Expertly trained emergency roadside assistance
  • Comprehensive fleet towing for light to heavy-duty trucks
  • Warranty-backed truck tire and oil changes
  • Fast dispatching from industry experts sending out the most qualified technicians

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