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How to Protect Yourself from a Zelle® Scam

How to Protect Yourself from a Zelle® Scam

June is Internet Safety Month and although 90% of cybersecurity attacks currently come from phishing emails, there is new digital scam to watch. Instant digital payment systems, like Zelle®, are a new and popular method to easily transfer money. They’re also gaining popularity with scammers – they’re using Zelle to trick you into unknowingly withdraw funds from your bank account. The following information and resources will help you spot the signs of this type of scam and allow you to protect yourself and your trucking company from becoming a victim.

Is Zelle Secure?

It’s important to clarify that digital payment systems are secure methods of payment that use encrypted data and tokens to transfer funds. At TCS, Zelle®powered by blynk is a popular payment method. Funding your cash secured fuel card using Zelle® powered by blynk™ is equally secure. With this payment method, we don’t have or ever need access to your bank account or personal information.

Zelle is attractive to scam artists for two reasons. The payments, once authorized, are fast and irreversible. Think of it like digital cash. Once you’ve handed those funds over, there is little to no recourse to get it back, including assistance from your bank or Zelle.

There is a commonly used formula with scams, and this one is no different. Many scammers will impersonate financial institutions or utility companies by spoofing phone numbers and emails addresses to trick you into authorizing Zelle payments or sharing private information that compromises your Zelle account.

Zelle Secure

How to Avoid Being Scammed:

Luckily, stopping scammers from accessing your hard-earned money is possible. Just use these common cybersecurity practices:

  • Don’t respond to unsolicited text messages or emails
  • Protect your private account information and don’t share it with anyone
  • Use strong passwords and 2-factor authentication when possible
  • Only transfer money to people or businesses you know and trust
  • Be suspicious, especially if the request for payment includes immediate or urgent deadlines

In the event you receive suspicious or unsolicited requests for payment through text or email, it’s recommended you call your financial institutions directly using the numbers found on the back of your debit, credit, and even your TCS Fuel Card.

Security Measures with the TCS Fuel Card

TCS Fuel will never send you unsolicited notifications through text, email, or over the phone. Current TCS Fuel Card clients who set up recurring scheduled Zelle Requests for Payment (RFP) will only receive payment request notifications from their bank. If you have any questions about Zelle powered by blynk, you can call TCS Client Services, available 24/7.


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