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New Payment Feature on the TCS Mobile App

by Mario Tarradell | April 11, 2022

TCS Fuel Mobile App

Zelle® Payment Requests Enhances TCS Mobile App

That smart phone in your pocket is your everything device. All of us at TCS Fuel know that, so we’ve made sure to empower our TCS Mobile App with all you need to fuel up with confidence and convenience. It’s all about enhancing your fuel card experience.

We made funding your cash secured TCS Fuel Card even easier with Zelle® powered by blynk in your TCS Mobile App. You can now fund your cash secured TCS Fuel Card with the convenience of your smart phone. We’re talking just-in-time funding so you can enjoy savings at the pump.

Make Sure to Update Your TCS Mobile App

To take advantage of Zelle payment requests in the TCS Mobile App, update your iOS or Android app so you have the Zelle payments feature. Since introducing the Zelle payments feature on the TCS Mobile App in mid-March, Zelle payments associated with the mobile app have more than tripled.

Favorite TCS Mobile App Features

Zelle powered by blynk payments are quickly becoming a favorite feature on the TCS Mobile App. Our TCS Fuel Card clients have more favorite features on the mobile app. Let’s look at each one:

  • TCS Fuel Finder – Map your route, say from Fort Worth to Chicago, and see the cheapest truck stops along the way. The TCS Fuel Finder is your ticket to enjoying fuel savings no matter where your haul takes you.
  • Truck stop details – Looking for a truck stop with showers? Or a gym? Or a restaurant? We got you covered. Click on a truck stop and see the amenities it provides. You can also filter results by amenities.
  • Recent savings and discounts – TCS Fuel Card clients can see their discounts and savings on fuel. They can see lifetime savings, current year’s savings, and also savings from the past 30 days.
  • Manage card controls – Use the TCS Mobile App to put controls on your fuel card, from purchase limits to one-time cash limits. You can even issue checks from the app.
  • Issuing one-time cash or checks – Need to pay a lumper quickly and conveniently? Need to get your driver some cash during a haul? With the app you can load your TCS Fuel Card with one-time cash for a specific person. You can also issue checks, then punch in all the details your driver or lumper would need to cash that check.

The TCS Mobile App in your pocket is clearly your everything device for fuel card convenience, savings, information, and management. Make sure you update your current iOS or Android TCS Mobile App to access the new Zelle powered by blynk payments feature. Are you not a TCS Fuel Card client yet? Apply here for diesel discounts and benefits.

Don’t miss out on the convenience of managing your fuel card account anytime and anywhere.


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