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Technology to Save on Fuel

by Lori Hendrix | June 22, 2016

Save on Fuel

Technology that Saves on Fuel

Making sure your trucks are up to date with the latest technology can save you time, but did you know it can also help you save big on fuel?

Fuel Calculators

It helps to know your “Freight Rate” or how much it costs to move your truck. You can use OOIDA’s Fuel Surcharge Calculator to find this out. Enter your fuel cost, average miles per gallon, average diesel fuel price and get the per mile surcharge, so you know how much it costs you to run. This way, you never haul for a rate below what you need to make money.

Fuel Software

Using fuel optimization software can help you decrease the amount of fuel your trucks are using and manage your fleet’s fuel consumption. Several companies offer this technology, including GreenRoad, a driver performance firm that implements a feed-back system for its clients that cuts fuel and maintenance costs by about 10%. Software like ProMiles® monitors the fuel pump prices along your truck’s route, its current fuel level, tank capacity and fuel economy, as well as factors in fuel taxes and volume discounts. If you have multiple trucks in your trucking company, outfitting your trucks with fuel optimization software could make a big difference in your bottom line.

TransConnect Mobile App

Technology updates aren’t just limited to your truck. With the TransConnect Mobile App, you can manage your fuel card on your smartphone, straight from the road. The TransConnect Mobile App gives you the freedom and convenience to make updates to your account when you’re away from home.

The app even has the TransConnect Fuel Finder to help fuel card users find the best fuel discounts at truck stops along their routes. By using the app, available on your Android or iPhone, anyone can pull up your location and see the best discounts available. By taking advantage of the best discounts, you can save and average of $0.20 off the price at the pump, which can add up to thousands in savings!

Tech tools like these make life easier for truck drivers and help keep more money in your trucking company where it belongs. When fuel is up to 40% of your fixed operating costs, saving even a few cents at the pump or getting more mileage out of your fill up can make a big difference!

Want fuel discounts typically only available to big fleets? Get the TransConnect Fuel Card and receive exceptional service along with the best fuel savings possible from the truck stops you visit most, call 844-827-7705 or sign up today!


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