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Diesel Fuel Economy Tips for Trucking Companies

by Hannah Marcom | February 18, 2020

Fuel Economy

Diesel Fuel Economy Tips for Trucking Companies

Did you know that increasing your fuel economy, even just a little bit, can save your trucking company thousands of dollars a year? Hi, I’m Greg with TCS Fuel and I’m going to tell you some quick and easy tips to help you improve your trucking company’s fuel economy.

First, let’s show you what we mean.

How Much Can You Save on Fuel?

The average 18-wheeler gets 5.9 miles per gallon, but let’s go ahead and call it 6 mpg for simplicity.

If you drive 2,500 miles a week at a $3/gallon average diesel price, you’re burning $1,250 worth of fuel.

If you can increase your miles per gallon up to 6.5, that’s just half a mile more, you’re using $1,154 worth of fuel a week instead. That’s almost $100 you’ve saved for a week. If you drive 40 weeks during the year that’s $4,000 back in your pocket.

Tips to Save on Fuel

So, let’s dive in with some free tips that you can start doing today!

  1. Our first tip is to drive efficiently!
  2. You probably knew this was coming. You should remember to manage your speed, accelerate gradually instead of putting the pedal to the metal, reduce your idle times when possible, and you’ll reap the benefits.

  3. Next you want to watch your weight!
  4. We mean the weight of the truck, of course! You don’t ever want your truck to be overloaded but you can avoid adding to the overall weight by not adding additional accessories to the truck or in the cab.

  5. Keep an eye on tire pressure!
  6. Driving across state lines can mean driving through all different kinds of weather conditions and temperatures which can impact tire pressure. Make it part of your routine to check the tire pressure and add or remove air as needed.

Our next tip isn’t free, but it’s a great best practice to apply to your trucking company:

Have a preventative and basic maintenance plan

  • Having a truck that is in its peak working condition really helps with fuel economy.
  • Ask yourself these questions: Are your fuel and air filters clean? What do your tires look like? Do they need to be replaced?
  • Spending a little money on your trucks to keep them in good working condition can save you a lot of money down the road.

What are some of the things you do to boost your fuel economy?

We aren’t quite finished yet though, what if we told you that we have another way to help you save money on fuel?

It’s with the TCS Fuel Card. To learn more about the benefits of the TCS Fuel Card give us a call at 844-827-7702 or head over to our website to learn more!


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