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How to Manage Your Fuel Costs

How to Manage Your Fuel Costs

How to Reduce Fleet Fuel Costs

Diesel fuel is, without a doubt, one of the largest expenses of running a trucking company in the United States. A commercial truck can consume approximately $70,000 worth of diesel fuel annually. That’s a big number that could be bigger depending on where you are fueling. Location is huge when it comes to fuel. The average diesel price is likely to be higher in California than in Texas. That’s probably always going to be true.

So, how do you manage your fuel costs? One easy option for owner-operators to fleets is with a fuel card for trucking companies. Fuel cards can offer security, discounts, data, and even technological benefits. What are the main things to focus on when thinking about fuel management? And how does a fleet fuel card work together with your fuel management system? We have the answers for you.

Find Great Fuel Discounts Along Your Route

You need fuel, but you don’t want to pay full retail diesel fuel prices. Your fuel management system should include a dedicated stable of truck stops nationwide where you can get discounts on the fuel you buy. We’re not talking about maybe discounts. We mean for-sure discounts. You want to be able to plan your route and your fuel stops around the locations where fuel discounts are ready and waiting for you.

When you combine great fuel discounts with a handy mobile app that features a fuel finder to help you locate those truck stops offering fuel discounts, then you can plan for the right stops along your route and save, save, save!

This is fuel optimization at its finest. With the TransConnect Services (TCS) Fuel Card, you can:

  • Save an average of 35 cents per gallon at more than 1,000 in-network locations
  • Pay $0 transaction fees at all in-network locations
  • Use the TCS Mobile App to manage your fuel card account
  • Activate the TCS Fuel Finder through the TCS client website or the TCS Mobile App and find those great discounts along your route
  • Get FREE 24/7 customer service to assist with your fuel card needs

Control and Customization is Smart Fuel Management

Always stay in control of your fuel purchases and any other purchases on your fuel card. You work hard to keep your trucking company running smoothly and successfully. Fueling up smartly and economically is part of that success. So, if your drivers are using a company fuel card you want to make sure they are only purchasing what you want. And, for that matter, you probably want them purchasing fuel only where you get a diesel discount.

With the TCS Fuel Card you have the power to set controls and to maximize customization. Control and customization also mean extra security. TCS clients can require drivers to enter specific information (prompts) each time the card is used, such as unit number and employee number. This prevents misuse if the card is lost or stolen, and it is helpful for reporting purposes. Also, clients can set separate limits for fuel, cash, products, and services to control spending. They can also set a gallon limit, especially if there is an emergency need to fuel at a truck stop that does not offer diesel discounts. Each of these two features can be unique for each card. TCS fuel cards are easily customizable and flexible.

Knowledge is Power in Fuel Management

A hugely important feature of a fuel management system is data transparency. You want to know the details of your fuel card’s use and you want those details to be crystal clear. Who used it? Where? On what? For how much? How many times? All this information keeps you armed for fuel optimization as you carefully budget for fuel expenses and watch your bottom line – a profit on your hard work.

TCS clients get a monthly report card that contains national fuel trends along with detailed information on their purchases throughout the previous month. The report card’s “Fuel Purchase Summary” highlights the number of gallons and transactions, plus the fees paid and discounts received. That’s valuable data that will also help you with your monthly International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) filings. With the TCS Fuel Card, all that IFTA documentation is at your fingertips. That means your quarterly IFTA filings get easier each time.

Smart fuel management should be easy. It’s also a major factor in the success of your trucking company. With the TCS Fuel Card, excellent fuel management becomes second nature. We can’t bring down the price of diesel fuel, but we can help you manage it year after year.

Ready to set up your fuel management system? The TCS Fuel Card is ready to be part of your success with exceptional service and great fuel savings. Give us a call at 844-827-7702 or simply sign up today!

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