EFS Money Codes | What They Are & How to Use Them Safely
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EFS Money Codes and EFS Checks: How to Use Them Safely and Securely

by Mario Tarradell | September 1, 2023

EFS Money Codes

EFS money codes have been an integral part of the trucking industry for decades. Trucking companies and owner-operators frequently use EFS money codes for EFS check payments in their day-to-day business. This transportation and logistics payment method is solidly engrained in the trucking industry.

But generating EFS money codes safely can be complicated. There are several steps to follow, and, in the end, the EFS money code, the EFS check authorization number, and the verified amount must all match for the check to be valid. So, we answered questions to give you a better understanding of how EFS money codes work.

What Is an EFS Money Code?

Simply put, an EFS money code is a method of obtaining cash from a fuel card account. The money code itself is an electronically generated number that represents a specific dollar amount. It is used to fill out a blank EFS check and allows the check to be authorized and cashed 24 hours a day.

Who Uses EFS Money Codes?

Company owners and drivers use money codes to fill out blank EFS checks to pay for lumpers, maintenance, repairs, roadside services, and to exchange for cash at most truck stops and financial institutions. Brokers also use money codes to advance funds.

An EFS check provides immediate payment or access to cash when using a fuel card, like the TCS Fuel Card, isn’t an option. The payment method also allows the company owner to limit how and where drivers can spend money and provides visibility into how much is being spent and for what purpose.

How Do You Get an EFS Money Code?

EFS account holders can generate money codes online, through the EFS mobile app, and over the phone.

How Do You Cash an EFS Money Code?

EFS checks are accepted at most financial institutions – any bank where EFS is accepted – and truck stops. Keep in mind, however, that truck stops may limit how much money drivers can acquire. They are accepted almost universally, like a personal or company check, and are considered certified funds once there is proper authorization.

How Do You Get an EFS Check Authorization?

Many drivers keep a supply of blank EFS checks in their truck, and most truck stops also keep them in stock behind the fuel desk. The blank check must be filled out completely and accurately for the check to be successfully cashed or deposited.

Make sure you fill out these blank fields:

  • Date
  • Payee
  • Amount
  • Money code
  • Check recipient fills in the driver’s license information and then gets an authorization code to write on the check through a point-of-sale terminal, online, or over the phone.
  • Some truck stops can authorize EFS checks through their point-of-sale system, eliminating the need for a physical EFS Check. The cashier enters the information above into their system to generate an authorization code

An important note: It’s common for truck stops to charge a fee for cashing EFS checks without a fuel purchase.

How Do You Keep EFS Checks and Money Codes Secure?

Fraud is rampant in today’s trucking industry. So, it is extra important to keep that money code and its accompanying EFS check safe and secure. Here is what the trucking company owner can do and what the driver (or check recipient) can do to stay secure.

For the trucking company owner:

  • Only grant permission to generate money codes based on their role or job function within your company.
  • Be vigilant of phishing schemes.
  • Be aware of social engineering tactics – a scammer may pose as a driver, claim to be associated with a familiar truck stop or maintenance shop, in some cases say the system is down, and request a money code.
  • For TCS clients, do not share your TCS access code or TCS login information.

For the driver (recipient):

  • Make sure the check is filled out completely and obtain an authorization code from EFS over the phone or online.
  • If the authorization code has already been filled out, verify the authorization code by contacting EFS over the phone or online. Always get an authorization code by contacting EFS directly. EFS will not call a fuel desk with an authorization.
  • Additional tip from EFS: Make sure you don’t have a copied or forged check. EFS will only honor authentic, original checks. A few security features to look for – flecks on the check itself, color of the pink oval in the box at the top of the check should change when exposed to heat, and micro-printing and erasure protection.

Getting EFS Money Codes at TCS

TCS clients with the proper permissions can generate EFS money codes from the TCS client website, the TCS mobile app, or over the phone.

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