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Being on the road for long hours can be challenging. It’s essential to know where you are en route and where to stop for fuel. When you plan your next steps on the road, our mobile app for fuel cards helps you find truck stops. With our solutions, you can ensure you get the fuel you need with our special fuel card discounts and offers. Plus, we’ll equip you to plan out your stops and find the best fueling areas on your route, whenever and wherever.

The TCS Fuel Card, provides truck fuel offers that help you save money and stay on top of management. Explore what we have to offer, and let us help keep you safe and efficient on the road.

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Use the TCS Mobile App for Finding Truck Stops

When you have the TCS Mobile App to manage your fuel card account, your smartphone or tablet becomes a portable command center. With the TCS Mobile App, you can find a truck stop and its amenities, check discount fuel prices at more than 2,000 in-network locations along your route, make Zelle® payments to fund your cash secured TCS Fuel Card, manage your card controls, and even issue one-time cash or checks – all in one convenient place.

The app is designed to be user-friendly and secure, so you can view all your data in one place. It’s an ideal solution for businesses like yours that are on the go, helping you manage daily expenses and track usage patterns. If you have a question about your transactions, you can view them at any time through your mobile device. That way, you’re never taken by surprise when you handle finances.

We make managing all aspects of fuel super easy right from your fingertips! It’s all fast and easy, so you know where your money is going and can improve your bottom line.

The TCS Mobile App shows your TCS Fuel Card Account information, truck stop fuel near you, and other fuel card controls

TCS Mobile App Features

There really is so much more you can do with the TCS Mobile App in addition to monitoring your fuel card balance and finding fuel discounts near you. Check out the many favorite features of the TCS Mobile App:


  • 24/7 account access from your mobile device
  • Manage your company fuel cards from anywhere
  • Receive real-time account updates to stay informed
  • Make Zelle® payments to fund your cash secured fuel card
  • See your fuel discounts and savings from past 30 days, current year, and lifetime
  • Manage TCS Fuel Card controls – turn the card on and off, change limits on fuel products, non-fuel products, and one-time cash
  • Protection from fraud and unauthorized use – Dynamic Prompt is a simple two-factor authentication security enhancement to add to all fuel cards on your TCS fuel account
  • View transaction reports (product, card, date, state) and rejected transaction reports, which tells you when and why your card is rejected
  • Switch between multiple accounts without logging on and off
  • Use the TCS Fuel Finder to locate the best fuel prices in your area or along your route and search for truck stop amenities
  • Securely issue one-time industry checks and void checks from your TCS account
  • Order extra cards and checks
  • Contact TCS customer service directly

Whatever you need to stay on budget and track fuel expenses, you can get it all through your TCS Fuel Card. It gives you more control of your fuel costs and helps you see how much you’re spending. Plus, you can access convenient customer service and check on your transactions’ statuses at any time. Let us equip you to stay competitive in your industry and save time on transactions and financial management.

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Benefits of the Fuel Finder App

With our app for finding truck fuel discounts, you can stay on top of your day-to-day transportation needs. When you partner with us, you can enjoy a range of benefits from our solution, including:

  • Convenience: Use our mobile app for fuel cards to identify the best refueling and rest stops anywhere along your route.
  • Safety: Stay prepared and get the resources you need to continue on route safely with fast and easy identification of stops along your travel route.
  • Efficiency: Maintain optimal efficiency on the drive with your easy-access truck fuel finder solution. It lets you save time and energy while planning for necessary stops.
  • Cost-effectiveness: With the right resources to identify fuel stops where you can get member discounts, you can stay on top of travel expenses all along the route.

Are You Ready to Get The Best Fuel Card for Truckers?

If you want to get our app and streamline transportation processes on the road, we’re here to help in any way we can. Our cash-secured fuel cards and convenient fuel finder apps help you get exclusive deals and manage costs with user-friendly services. Whatever your needs, turn to TCS to access our 2,000 in-network fueling locations and more membership benefits.

Choose us as your provider for features that support your truck business’s daily success. To get started working with us, call today at 844-827-7705.

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