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Fuel Cards

Fuel Cards

Fuel is a significant variable expense for owner-operators, small trucking companies, and fleets. Managing a fuel budget is necessary to grow your business, and diesel fuel cards for truckers can help business owners save money and enjoy multiple additional benefits.

Trucking business fuel cards are similar to credit and debit cards used for other financial transactions. Drivers carry them as they travel and insert them into pumps or present them to an attendant when refueling. 

Save money on fuel with the TCS owner-operator fuel discount program

What Are the Benefits of Diesel Fuel Cards?

Fuel cards offer numerous advantages for business owners and truck drivers. 

Substantial Cost Savings

Fluctuating fuel costs are putting a big dent in the profits of trucking companies’ profits across the country. The discounts included with most fuel cards are often the most attractive feature to business owners. Depending on the provider, you could save an average of 10-50 cents per gallon or more. The savings can pile up quickly for drivers that log many miles or companies with several trucks on the road.


Without fuel cards, drivers may need to pay for fuel out of their pockets or use personal credit or debit cards to cover the transaction. The result is extra processing steps that waste valuable time and create additional expenses. Fuel cards eliminate this burden by enabling companies to load predetermined spending limits onto the card. In many cases, drivers can also use the card to purchase food or other travel- or vehicle-related essentials. 

Additional Perks

Many fuel cards come with other discounts and perks for business owners and drivers. Examples include roadside assistance during vehicle breakdowns and reduced pricing on tires, preventive maintenance services, and repairs. 

Enhanced Flexibility

Some owner-operators partner with freight brokers offering fuel advances to simplify budgeting. However, this practice can limit a driver’s options and lead to turning down higher-paying loads. A fuel card provides more freedom by enabling drivers to expand their scope and take jobs from a broader range of sources, potentially leading to more lucrative opportunities. 

Simplified Recordkeeping

Keeping track of fuel costs can be burdensome, especially for trucking companies with multiple vehicles on the road. Many fuel cards include features that simplify the recordkeeping and expense management processes. One example is a mobile app that provides real-time access to informative reports that offer valuable insight for budgeting, monitoring, and other activities. 

Fraud Prevention

A fuel card typically requires a driver to enter a personal identification number (PIN) at the pump, helping to prevent unauthorized purchases if the card falls into the wrong hands. Many providers also allow users to establish spending limits to stop a thief from running up a huge tab on a stolen card. 

Learn More About Fuel Cards for Trucking Companies

At TransConnect Services, we help truckers and truck companies manage fuel costs more efficiently. We offer cash-secured fuel cards that help you save money and provide various other valuable benefits. Call us at 844-827-7705 or contact us online to learn more today.


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