How Truck Tires Help You Save on Fuel
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How Truck Tires Help You Save On Fuel

by Mario Tarradell | June 30, 2023

How truck tires help save money on fuel
Truck tires are directly linked to diesel fuel economy. That’s a huge connection since both fuel and tires are two major expenses for hard-working truckers hauling loads. How you maintain those tires, as well as what kind of tires you buy, dictate how much money you spend on fuel.Let’s look at a few key components in making sure that your tires are in healthy shape and can help you save every time you’re at the diesel pump – proper tire pressure, low rolling resistance tires, wide base tires, and how to get tire savings.

Proper Tire Pressure Means Optimal Operation

There’s no going round about this, underinflated tires result in decreased fuel efficiency and increased tire wear and tear. In fact, according to a report from the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE), vehicles with tires underinflated by 10 psi experience a 0.5-1.0% increase in fuel consumption.

The NACFE report also goes on to offer hard facts on how many trucks are on the road with underinflated tires. For instance, did you know that one out of five tractors/trucks are operating with one or more tires underinflated by at least 20 psi? And if that isn’t alarming enough, only 46% of all tractor tires and 38% of all trailer tires inspected were within +/- 5 psi of the target pressure.

Make sure your truck tires are inflated according to manufacturer recommendations to maximize fuel efficiency. You could also invest in an automatic tire inflation system (ATIS) if your vehicle doesn’t already have one.

Low Rolling Resistance Dual Tires to the Rescue

Low rolling resistance (LRR) dual tires save significant amounts of fuel when compared to tires that are not low rolling resistance. Low rolling resistance tires have shallower treads and are designed to minimize drag and improve airflow over your entire truck, which can save you money on fuel. Rolling resistance makes up about 30-33% of the total fuel cost of a Class 8 truck. That’s about 13 cents per mile. Depending on the rolling resistance of a given tire, that fuel cost could jump to anywhere from 14 cents to 28 cents per mile.

So, opting for low rolling resistance dual tires means you are decreasing the rolling resistance, which in turn lowers the fuel expenditure per mile. Plus, low rolling resistance dual tires are priced similarly, and in some cases lower than non-LRR tires.

Wide-Base Tires are Another Efficient Option

Wide-base tires are generally considered lower rolling resistance when stacked up against equivalent dual tires. Also, wide-base tires reduce overall vehicle weight by about 1% when compared to other duals, as well as have a lower upfront purchase price, and have the potential for reduced maintenance.

While the reduced fuel consumption benefits of wide-base tires over LRR dual tires are only 1-2%, and that’s because LRR duals are now much-improved, the overall vehicle weight reduction with wide-base tires can be anywhere from 627 to 1,284 pounds. So, there’s a bonus when choosing wide-base tires.

TA Truck Service Offer Savings on Tire for TCS Clients

If saving money on tires sounds good to you, TCS Fuel Card clients can save up to $39 per tire at TA Truck Service. These include brand name tires such as Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone, Yokohama, Firestone, BF Goodrich, and more. These savings cover tire rotation per wheel, tire mounting, tire repair, and tire disposal.

In addition, check out our TCS free guide on How to Save Thousands on Fuel. There you will find even more tips to keep your diesel fuel bill as low and efficient as possible. We know that fuel economy is top of mind for all hard-working truckers making a living hauling loads.

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