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Famous Truck Stops

Famous Truck Stops

Famous Truck Stops

When you need to grab bite to eat or need to take a break, truck stops provide some much-needed R&R for truckers. A good truck stop can be the highlight of a long haul. Whether you’re enjoying a burger challenge, $5 movie theater, amusement park, or trucking museum, these famous truck stops are sure to give you a memorable rest break.

Iowa 80 in Walcott, IA

We had to start the list with the “World’s Largest Truck Stop!” This truck stop has been in business for 52 years and serves 5,000 customers a day. Iowa 80 features 900 truck parking spots, eight restaurant choices, a Super Truck Showroom, barber shop, chiropractor, dentist, movie theater, workout room, truck service center, pet wash, trucking museum and more! Check out: Their legendary 50-foot long salad bar.

Jubitz in Portland, OR

Called “the world’s classiest truck stop,” this Jubitz features a 24/7, full-service restaurant, the Cascade Grill, serving home-style, made-from-scratch, country cooking. Want to be entertained? Grab a seat at the Jubitz Cinema, a 78-seat movie theater where you can catch a $5 movie. Or enjoy nightly entertainment at the Ponderosa Lounge, a country western bar that has live music, dance lessons, and poker nights. Check out: Their Portlander Inn, a 100 guest room hotel, where you can get a room with a Jacuzzi hot tub!

South of the Border in Hamer, SC

This Mexican-themed stop is home to Pedroland, a kid’s amusement park with bumper cars, a Ferris wheel, and two miniature golf courses. South of the Border also has a Reptile Lagoon, the largest indoor reptile exhibit in the United States. Want a 360-degree view of the Carolina countryside? Climb to the top of the 200-foot high Sombrero Observation Tower. Check out: The South of the Border Motor Inn where truckers can enjoy an indoor, heated swimming pool.

Little America in Flagstaff, AZ

This truck stop is famous for its highly-rated hotel that really caters to truck drivers with special trucker room rates and $10 private shower rentals. They also have a top-notch fuel center, convenience store, and 24/7 service station. Check out: Their restaurant, Little America Grill, famous for its home-cooked burgers and $0.50 ice cream cones.

Morris Travel Center in Morris, IL

The famous R-Place Restaurant at Morris Travel Place is one of the top truck stop restaurants in the United States. Since it opened in 1967, it has evolved into a unique restaurant with a bakery that serves homemade pastries. There’s also a walking trail, pet area, and truckers lounge. Check out: The Premium Ethyl Burger, a famous 4-pound burger that’s free, if you can finish it in one hour!

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