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4 Easy Ways You Can Save on Fuel Costs

4 Easy Ways You Can Save on Fuel Costs

4 Easy Ways You Can Save on Fuel Costs

When you’re running a trucking company, every penny counts. With today’s unstable fuel prices, that can make managing your fuel costs even tougher. While you can’t control the price of fuel, you can still make a big difference in the amount of fuel your trucking company uses. With these easy tips, you can control and reduce your fuel consumption and keep more money in your trucking company where it belongs.

Drive to Save Fuel

One of the easiest ways you can save on fuel is to drive slower, reduce unnecessary braking, and stop idling. By making small changes to your driving habits, you can help reduce how much fuel your truck is using. Drivers who practice fuel-efficient driving strategies get about 30% better fuel efficiency than those who don’t, according to Cummins. Fuel optimization software can also help by showing you the amount of fuel each driver is using.

Maintain Your Truck

Save big MPGs by keeping your truck in tip-top shape. Do a pre-trip inspection before you hit the road to make sure everything is working properly. Pay close attention to your tires, air filter, and oil. When something is wrong with your truck, it works harder and uses more fuel to maintain the same performance as if everything was working properly. Bottom line, if there is something is wrong with your truck, fix it right away and you’ll save fuel.

Use a Fuel Card with Discounts

Want to save several cents off the cash price at the truck stop? By signing up for a fuel card, like TransConnect Services, you’ll get negotiated discounts that you might not get on your own. Using a fuel card also helps you manage your trucking company’s fuel costs and get better fuel reporting, so you can make smarter fuel purchases.

Use a Fuel Finder App

Ever wonder what the cheapest fuel stop is on your route? Stop guessing and save big by searching your location on a fuel finder. Try the TransConnect Fuel Finder on our Mobile App to find truck stops with the best fuel prices along a route! The best part is you don’t have to be a TransConnect Fuel Card client, anyone can use it to find the cheapest fuel.

Want fuel discounts typically only available to big fleets? Get the TransConnect Fuel Card and receive exceptional service along with the best fuel savings possible from the truck stops you visit most, call 844-827-7705 or sign up today!

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