Loyalty Pays: An Overview of Truck Stop Reward Programs
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Truck Stop Rewards Programs in the TCS Fuel Card Discount Network

by Mario Tarradell | October 13, 2023

Fuel Reward Program

Loyalty Pays: An Overview of Truck Stop Rewards Programs in the TCS Fuel Card Discount Network

Loyalty should be rewarded, especially in the world of trucking. Truckers deliver the goods we need to live every day, so let’s reward them for their dependability. Rewards programs for truck drivers at truck stop chains offer various benefits and incentives to drivers who frequent those truck stops. For instance, most major truck stop chains offer points, discounts, and credits on fuel, showers, food, drink, and other amenities for filling up at their locations.

TCS Fuel Card clients not only enjoy discounts on diesel right at the pump at more than 2,000 in-network locations across the country, but they can also participate in truck stop rewards programs while using the TCS Fuel Card.

Rewards Programs Basic Rules and Detailed Perks

Before we delve into the various fuel rewards programs at TCS Fuel Card in-network discount locations, here are basic rules that apply to most truck stops rewards programs:

  • To participate in rewards programs, you must be a registered member. You can register for the rewards programs online, by phone, or by downloading the specific rewards program’s mobile app. You’ll need a mobile number and/or an email address to register.
  • Rewards programs for truckers typically follow a tiered structure, earning one point for each gallon of fuel you purchase. Tiered programs also offer the opportunity to earn additional points as fuel purchased this month determines points earned next month. The following month you’ll receive the benefit of the tier earned the previous month.

TA Petro


Points System: TA and Petro offer UltraONE, a tiered rewards program with two types of rewards: UltraONE points and UltraCredits. With the UltraONE card, members earn points for every gallon of diesel fuel purchased, each dollar spent at TA Truck Service locations, and each dollar spent on Reserve-It! Parking, the TA reserved parking system. Additionally, each fuel purchase over 60 gallons earns one UltraCredit. UltraONE members also receive a free surprise during their birthday month.

Redemption: UltraONE points are redeemable for a variety of TA rewards, including TA Truck Service, free showers, meals at participating restaurants, parking, merchandise and electronics in-store, and Wi-Fi. UltraCredits can used for shower credits, while members in higher tiers can use UltraCredits for meals, or Reserve-It! Parking.



Points System: AMBEST offers AMBUCK$, a tiered rewards program. Members earn points which equal a penny for each gallon of diesel fuel purchased. Earn points at AMBEST with select purchases at participating AMBEST Service Centers. Additionally, AMBUCK$ cardholders automatically enter into drawings with every swipe of their AMBUCK$ card. Drawings held throughout the year award various prizes, including an annual grand prize.

Redemption: Points are eligible for merchandise at any AMBEST location and at participating AMBEST Service Center locations. AMBUCK$ members automatically earn a free shower credit with every (minimum) 75-gallon purchase and are available for use at any AMBEST location with shower facilities. Shower credits are active for seven days before they expire.



Points System: The Speedway rewards program is called Speedy Rewards. Rewards members earn Monthly Perks, and Bonus Points which include 10 points per gallon of fuel and 20 points per dollar spent on merchandise.

Redemption: Points can be used to earn merchandise, gift cards, and food items from Speedway. Points may be redeemed through Speedway’s mobile app to receive a coupon for the selected reward, or members may pay with points using the touchscreen at the register. Monthly Perks must be selected in the mobile app prior to purchase.


Kwik Trip®

Points System: Kwik Trip’s rewards program is called Kwik Rewards Fleet. Members earn points on fuel and in-store purchases by swiping their Kwik Rewards Fleet card at the pump or at the time of purchase to earn 1 point per gallon of fuel and 1 point per dollar spent in-store on most items. The program is tiered, so the number of points earned during a specific transaction is determined by the total gallons purchased the previous month. Members can also earn rewards by purchasing qualifying products in-store.

Redemption: Points are eligible for most in-store items such as merchandise, food, and beverages. Kwik Rewards Fleet card members also earn a free drink and a free shower credit with a 50-gallon purchase. The drink credit is good for 24 hours and the shower credit is good for 14 days.


Road Ranger®

Points System: Road Ranger offers Road Ranger Rewards, a tiered rewards program. Members earn 1 point per gallon on diesel fuel and 1 point for every dollar spent inside the store. Drivers will earn 250 points for downloading & registering through the mobile app. In addition, they’ll earn 2x points for the first 30 days on certain purchases.

Redemption: Scan your rewards loyalty barcode at checkout to redeem points on certain in-store purchases including drinks and snacks at Road Ranger locations. In addition, Road Ranger Rewards members earn a free drink with any fill-up over 75 gallons and a free shower with a 50-gallon fill-up.

Sapp Bros

Sapp Bros.®

Points System: Sapp Bros. has its tiered Sapp Bros. Rewards program, where members earn 1 point for each gallon of fuel and every dollar spent in-store, and for Apple Barrel Restaurant purchases. Members may also earn 100 points at the scales for each weigh-in.

Redemption: Points are eligible toward certain in-store, restaurant, fast food, and shop purchases. With the Sapp Bros. shower program, members earn a free shower with a 25-gallon diesel purchase, and members that purchase 500 gallons of diesel in the previous 30 days earn free shower credits for the remainder of the month, plus the following month. Members may also earn free shower credits by spending $100 in the service center.



Points System: Roady’s rewards program, called Roady’s Rewards, offers professional drivers the chance to earn 500 points for registering. Members present their Roady’s Rewards card at the time of purchase to earn one point per gallon of diesel fuel purchased.

Redemption: Just present the Roady’s Rewards card to the cashier during checkout to redeem points for almost anything available at participating Roady’s, like food, beverages, and merchandise. In addition, Roady’s Rewards members earn shower credits when purchasing 50 gallons or more in a single transaction.

Ready to enjoy discounts right at the pump at more than 2,000 in-network truck stop partners, including TA®, Petro Stopping Centers®, TA Express®, AMBEST®, Speedway, and many more? Plus, you can join their rewards programs and earn even more perks. You can also save big on truck repairs and maintenance and pay $0 fuel transaction fees at our in-network discount locations. Apply for your TCS Fuel Card now or contact us for more information.





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