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Use the TransConnect Fuel Finder to Find the Lowest Diesel Prices

Use the TransConnect Fuel Finder to Find the Lowest Diesel Prices

Use the TransConnect Fuel Finder to Find Truck Stops with the Lowest Diesel Prices.

Save Money on Fuel and Improve Your Bottom Line.

Which truck stop has the lowest diesel fuel price? How can you find the best fuel prices? Take the guesswork out of saving on fuel and use the TransConnect Services (TCS) Fuel Finder. The TCS Fuel Finder shows the best fuel prices along your route. By filling up at truck stops with TransConnect fuel discounts, you can save hundreds of dollars per truck per month!

The TCS Fuel Finder helps you take control of your fuel costs by allowing you to find truck stops and see all fuel prices along any route. Simply type in a city or your origin and destination and the Fuel Finder will show you fuel prices, truck stop amenities and more.

You can find this helpful truck stop finder on the TCS client website and the FREE TransConnect mobile app. Anyone can download the TCS Mobile App and Fuel Finder on their smartphone and start finding truck stops today.

The Fuel Finder Gives You the Option to:

  • See retail price, ex-tax and the TCS price
  • Search in-network discount locations to find the best fuel prices along your route
  • Search within a specific radius
  • See truck stop amenities
  • Avoid highways or tolls

No matter how you choose to use it, the TCS Fuel Finder can be a very effective tool for improving your trucking company’s bottom line.

Save on Fuel with the TCS Fuel Card

The TCS Fuel Card is recognized as one of the best discount fuel programs for trucking companies and offers the most competitive discounts on fuel every day, plus convenient online tools to help you manage and control your fuel expenses.

Get an Advantage with TransConnect

  • Fuel Discount Partners:
  • With discounts from TA and Petro, Sapp Bros, Speedway, Roady’s and many other truck stops nationwide, the TCS Fuel Card helps carriers easily manage their costs.

  • Low Transaction Fees:
  • There are no mystery fees hidden within TransConnect account statements. The online account management website updates in real-time and allows complete transparency with accounts.

  • Mobile App:
  • In addition to being a truck stop finder, the free mobile app allows TCS Fuel Card Clients can perform card maintenance, issue checks, and receive real-time account updates.

  • Fuel Management:
  • Our complete fuel management system is easy to use, mobile-friendly, reliable, secure and easily accessible.

  • Responsive Customer Service:
  • Representatives are available 24/7 to quickly help answer questions about accounts.

  • Service and Tire Discounts:
  • Get discounts on preventative maintenance, oil changes, tires and more at TA and Petro locations nationwide.

We’re leveling the playing field between small-to medium-sized carriers and larger fleets. To get the TCS Fuel Card and receive exceptional service along with the best fuel savings possible, call 844-827-7705 or sign up today!

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