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How to Set Up a Fuel Card Program

How to Set Up a Fuel Card Program

How to Set Up a Fuel Card Program

If your trucking company doesn’t have a fuel card program, you could be missing out on a great way to simplify and control your fuel expenses. Using a fuel card, like the TCS Fuel Card, helps your trucking company save big with fuel discounts, easily control your fuel purchases, and set permissions for your drivers.

If setting up a fuel card program seems confusing, use this checklist to help you figure out what type of fuel card your trucking company needs.

Get Information on Your Trucking Company’s Fuel Card Needs COMPLETE
Review your trucking company’s current fuel charges, billing and payment system. This helps you get a good baseline of what you’re spending on fuel.
Know information about your trucking company including:

  • Number and type of trucks you own
  • Number and type of drivers you have
  • Number of miles per week/month/year your trucks drive
  • Current fuel tracking procedures and fuel control practices
If you’re looking for more control, think about adding restrictions or permissions to your company’s fuel card. You can set it so only company owners can make purchases or changes.
Decide if you need to limit the number of transactions allowed per driver.
Decide what type of reporting you need. You can get detailed reports or keep it simple with a summary. You can also choose if you want to receive it online. These reports help you track your driver’s purchases and can track any card misuse. You can also get reporting which shows you descriptions of your fuel card transactions, including the vehicle, driver, location, and date and time of transaction.
Decide how you want your trucking company to be billed (daily, weekly or monthly).
Choosing a Fuel Card Program COMPLETE
Research fuel card providers to find some that meet your trucking company’s needs. Look for companies with responsive customer service. reporting tools, fuel discounts at the truck stops you visit, and a customizable program.
Make a list of questions to ask each of the fuel card companies you selected. Then contact each of them to get your questions answsered. Give them information about your trucking company, so they can design a custom fuel card program for you.
Communicating with Drivers COMPLETE
When introducing a new fuel card program, give your drivers a fuel card policy, so they know how to use the card.
Train you drivers on how to use the fuel card.

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