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Roadcheck 2017

Roadcheck 2017

Did you know that Roadcheck is June 6th-8th?

If you’re new to the trucking industry, International Roadcheck is a 72-hour annual inspection blitz run by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA). This year 10,000 CVSA-certified inspectors across North America will perform large truck and bus safety inspections, mostly North American Standard Level I Inspections, June 6-8.

Why it’s Important!

The purpose of the 2017 DOT blitz is to promote safety of the truck, trailer, and drivers. These thorough CVSA Roadcheck inspections help keep everyone on the road safe. Keeping trucks in safe working order and making sure drivers are following certain regulations helps prevent crashes.

According to Overdrive Magazine, last year 21.5% of trucks inspected during the 72- hour time period were placed out of service, as well as 3.4% of truck drivers. The cost of being placed back in service is $861 but that dollar amount doesn’t include the cost of fines or possible repairs needed. Based on those numbers you can see why it’s important to take the CVSA’s International Roadcheck seriously.

Inspector will check:

  • braking system
  • securement of cargo
  • coupling devices
  • fuel and exhaust system
  • truck frame
  • lights
  • steering mechanism
  • driveline / driveshaft
  • suspension
  • tires
  • van and open-top trailer bodies
  • wheels and rims
  • driver seat belt usage
  • driver influence of drugs and alcohol

Truck drivers need:

  • driver’s license
  • hours-of-service (HOS) documentation
  • motor carrier registration
  • shipping documents (a rate sheet and bill of lading)

Cargo Securement Rules

Every year, the CVSA picks a special area to focus on. This year, inspectors will be looking closely at cargo securement, this includes looking for sufficient and tight tie-downs, inspecting tie-downs for wear and damage, and making sure that the cargo is fully immobilized. For more information on how to safely keep cargo secure click here or check the CVSA for tips to avoid violations.

How to Be Prepared

The 2017 Roadcheck doesn’t have to be stressful as long as you are prepared and know what to expect. View these tips on how to prepare for a level 1 inspection to check your truck or know what to tell a mechanic to look at, so that you can schedule any necessary truck repairs. Hopefully, with all these instructions you can avoid getting taken out of service and come June 6-8 you will pass the 2017 International Roadcheck with flying colors!

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