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Four Ways to Boost Semi-Truck Fuel Economy

Four Ways to Boost Semi-Truck Fuel Economy

Four Ways to Boost Semi-Truck Fuel Economy

It can be a constant challenge for trucking companies to save money on fuel. Fuel prices are constantly changing and that can make it tough to stay cost-effective. While you can’t control the price of fuel, you can control the amount and rate of fuel consumption, which can really help your bottom line.

When the cost of fuel makes up an average of 40% of a trucking company’s operating cost, these tips to boost fuel economy can help you make your fuel go farther.

Reduce Idling

Idling can put stress on a truck’s engine. This uses more fuel and can lead to additional truck repair costs. If you’re looking to improve fuel efficiency, try limiting your truck’s idling time. Every hour spent idling can decrease fuel efficiency by 1%. If you’re hauling in California, check the rules before you let your truck idle because you can get fined in several California cities for idling five minutes or more. Click here for more information on additional idling laws.

Minimize Air-Conditioning Use

An easy way to use less fuel is to limit using the A/C. Any time you use the A/C, you’re increasing fuel consumption by .2 to .4 miles per gallon. Another alternative is to stop at a truck stop with idle-free technology to save on fuel when you’re stopped.

Lower Average Highway Speed

Did you know that every mile per hour increase over 55 equals a 0.1 miles per gallon drop in fuel economy? So if your truck gets 7 miles per gallon at 55 miles per hour, it will only get 5.5 miles per gallon at 70 miles per hour. Just by driving a little slower, you can control how much fuel you use. When you lower your truck’s speed and keep a good following distance, you can prevent unnecessary acceleration and frequent braking, which makes a big difference in fuel consumption.

Use the TCS Fuel Card

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