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properly secure your truck cargo
Know How to Properly Secure Your Truck Cargo: Here’s How! Ever found yourself behind a truck in the middle of a fast-paced, packed highway and you notice the truck’s cargo looks like it could be insecure? Think about it for…
August 14, 2017
ELD Mandate
The ELD Mandate 101: Addressing Common Questions and Comments The ELD mandate continues to create a stir within the trucking industry. The reality is the deadline is a few short months away for truckers and trucking companies to be compliant…
August 7, 2017
Operating authority
How Do You Get Permanent Operating Authority? We know what you are thinking, you’ve gone through all the steps to start your trucking company. You applied for operating authority and now that you’ve received it, it’s not permanent! So, how…
July 31, 2017
truck driver reduce stress
How Can a Truck Driver Reduce Stress? We Have the Tips! Life in the 21st century is stressful for everybody. Jobs, families, commitments, errands all demand a huge chunk of our time leaving less room for relaxing and recharging. This…
June 28, 2017
10 worst traffic bottlenecks
Top 10 Worst Traffic Bottlenecks for Truckers in the United States What’s the one thing you can get just about everyone to agree on? That traffic stinks! Getting stuck in traffic will always be inevitable, right? Maybe not. In May,…
June 27, 2017
food safety rules
5 Reefer Hauling Tips for New Food Safety Rules It’s always a challenge to stay cool in the summer. Popsicles, ice cream, and watermelon are things we often consume to beat the heat. But the real challenge is keeping them…
May 30, 2017
International Roadcheck
Did you know that Roadcheck is June 6th-8th? If you’re new to the trucking industry, International Roadcheck is a 72-hour annual inspection blitz run by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA). This year 10,000 CVSA-certified inspectors across North America will…
May 17, 2017
Owner-Operator Tax Deductions
Common Tax Deductions for Owner-Operators As an owner-operator, do you know what tax deductions you can take? With the tax deadline quickly approaching, we’re looking for any deductions we can find. According to the IRS, any expenses that are “ordinary…
March 16, 2017
truck stop
How to Choose a Truck Stop Every trucker needs a break and a truck stop can be that bright light at the end of a long haul. When you’re planning your rest breaks, it’s helpful to choose truck stop amenities…
March 8, 2017
Pet Friendly Truck Stops
Pet Friendly Truck Stops Having a dog (or cat) travel with you can make life on the road better, but can have some challenges too. You and your pet need to get plenty of fresh air and exercise. It’s best…
January 18, 2017