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Fuel Card for Truckers

Save an Average of $0.30 per Gallon

Take Control of Your Fuel Expenses

The TCS Fuel Card is designed to level the playing field between small to medium-sized trucking companies and the larger fleets.

We want every trucker and trucking company to get exceptional customer service and superior savings with the TCS Fuel Card

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TCS Mobile App & Fuel Card for trucking companies

Benefits of the TCS Fuel Card for Trucking Companies

truck driver fuel card
  • Save an average of $0.35 per gallon at over 1,000 in-network truck stops nationwide including TA and Petro, AMBEST, Speedway, Sapp Bros., Road Ranger, and more
  • $0 transaction fees at in-network fuel stops on fuel purchases
  • FREE TCS Mobile App with the TCS Fuel Finder
  • Tire & Service Discounts at TA and Petro locations
  • Access to the TCS Roadside Rescue Program
  • 24/7 access to the TCS website to view fuel card activity and manage your account
  • Great customer service available 24/7
  • Both TCS EFS Fuel Card and TCS Comdata Fuel Card platforms available

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