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Truck Tire & Service Discounts

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TCS Makes Truck Service and Maintenance Easy!

Using a TCS Fuel Card to get significant fuel savings is a huge benefit for any trucking company or truck driver – but it shouldn’t be the only benefit!

Tires, truck service, and truck maintenance are inevitable expenses. That’s why in addition to saving on fuel, our clients get access to great tire and service discounts at TA Truck Service Centers.

Take advantage of our in-network discounts when you need truck oil changes and other maintenance services. TCS offers trusted solutions to help you stay on top of truck fleet management while saving time and money. Explore the range of discount solutions, getting what you need to stay ahead of management responsibilities.

TA Truck Service Station

Save on Your Favorite Tire Brands

Truck stops are much more than just a place to fuel up your truck. These days many fuel stops provide food, showers, parking, truck service, and maintenance – it’s one-stop shopping at its finest. TCS helps make getting in, out, and on your way an even easier decision with money-saving tire and service discounts.

TA Truck Service® Centers are the nationwide providers of tire and service discounts to TCS clients. Our clients save on favorite brands, as well as enjoy discounts on preventative maintenance and other truck repairs. Receiving discounts at TA®, Petro Stopping Centers®, and TA Express® service locations is easy. Our clients simply provide their DOT Number at checkout and the discounts are automatically applied.

Ensure your truck fleet is ready for the road with offerings like discounts on 18-wheeler tires. Keep your fleet’s engine, tires, and other components in good condition to get the most out of your equipment. We can help ensure your team is safe to travel while helping you keep maintenance costs within the budget.

Discounts at TA Petro

Benefits of Our Discounts on Semi-Truck Service

Take advantage of our offers for discounts on truck oil changes, tire changes, and a range of other needs. With them, you can improve your bottom line and better protect your fleet. Use these key benefits to help you successfully run your business:

  • Cost-effectiveness: With our discounts on truck repair and maintenance needs, plus deals on hotels, you can lower operating costs. This cost-efficiency ensures drivers receive everything they need.
  • Safety: Getting the right options for cost-effective maintenance can help you ensure your truck fleet is safe and ready to go. Plus, frequent service can help protect your company from liabilities.
  • Efficiency: Our 24/7 emergency repair support resources help you keep transportation processes on schedule. You can cut downtime with access to rapid responses from qualified mechanics near your truck’s location.
  • Convenience: When you need repairs, getting support and discounts is fast and easy with us. Our network will help you get back out on the road.

Get Discounts on Semi-Truck Maintenance Today

With TCS on your side, you can improve truck fleet management and keep your business running efficiently. Trust us to support your daily management processes and transportation plans. Our cash-secured fuel cards, maintenance discounts, and other solutions can help you stay ahead of the curve. Plus, you can keep your business competitive and ensure your truck fleet is in top condition.

Our range of membership benefits is available to prioritize your business’s success. Signing up for the TCS Fuel Card is fast and easy while giving you ongoing support to meet your truck management needs. If you’d like to take advantage of what we offer, start by calling us at 844-827-7705 today.

Hotel Discounts with CLC Lodging

Did you know that 40% of drivers spend six nights per month in hotels? With those numbers, saving any amount of money off the listed rate at thousands of hotels across the country would be a big benefit for your trucking company. Luckily, when you book a hotel with CLC Lodging you can save up to 40%! Simply call 866-857-9747 or visit their website to sign up and start saving today.