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Topic: TCS News

How to Save Money on Truck Repairs
Truck maintenance, specifically truck repairs, takes a huge chunk out of a trucking company’s annual budget. Next to fuel and purchasing a truck, it is the costliest aspect of running a trucking business. Repairs and maintenance swallow up about 10 percent of overall expenses, according to Truck Driver Institute. We’re talking about 12 cents per mile and $15,000 annually for airline/hoses, alternators, wiring, and brakes.
June 19, 2023
5 Fuel-Saving Tips for Owner-Operators
With recent changes in fuel prices, filling up at the pump is more intimidating than ever and that’s only one of the tasks on your plate. As an owner-operator, you juggle various other expenses like insurance, taxes, and maintenance. Thankfully,…
November 8, 2022
9 Fuel-Saving Tips for Fleets
It’s an understatement to say that fuel is a significant expense for fleet managers. It makes up a notable portion of the budget for trucking businesses of any size. If you’re looking for a way to save money on fuel,…
November 8, 2022
Kwik Trip Joins TCS Fuel Discount Network
TCS Fuel Welcomes Kwik Trip and Kwik Star to Growing Discount Network Carriers can now save money at the diesel pump at more than 2,000 truck stops nationwide MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE – TransConnect Services (TCS), an industry leader in over-the-road fleet…
September 15, 2022
With today’s unsteady fuel prices, filling up at the pump can seem pretty scary for your trucking company’s fuel budget. Using fuel is unavoidable — your small business and drivers’ livelihoods depend on driving trucks from point A to point…
September 7, 2022
TCS Fuel Mobile App
That smart phone in your pocket is your everything device, especially since all of us at TCS Fuel made sure to empower our TCS Mobile App with all you need to fuel up with confidence and convenience. Now you can fund your cash secured TCS Fuel Card even easier with Zelle® powered by blynk™ in your TCS Mobile App. Zelle powered by blynk payments are quickly becoming a favorite feature on the TCS Mobile App. But there are more favorite features on the app and we take a look at each one.
April 11, 2022
Accelerate! Conference & Expo by Women in Trucking Association
TransConnect Services (TCS) is a proud partner of the Women in Trucking Association (WIT) and we gladly attended their fourth annual Accelerate! Conference & Expo last month. This conference is designed with transportation, logistics, supply chain, and other trucking industry professionals in mind. It was centered around providing helpful information and networking opportunities, promoting personal growth and empowerment, and having fun. We’re going to discuss this year’s conference and why you should add it to your list for 2019.
December 1, 2018
Weigh my truck
Once upon a time, getting your truck weighed was tedious work. As a trucker, whether running a trucking company or working as an owner-operator, you must comply with maximum weight restrictions. And that’s when you refuel, too. Your truck still must meet those weight restrictions even with a full tank.
August 30, 2018
Trucking Takes A Village: The WIT and TCS Connection The phrase, “it takes a village” applies to just about anything in the trucking industry. It takes a village to run a trucking company. It takes a village to find, book,…
May 15, 2018
best places to work
TransConnect Services Named One of the Best Places to Work in Memphis Memphis, home to Elvis Presley’s Graceland and the National Civil Rights Museum, houses one of the city’s most sought-after places to work. TransConnect Services (TCS) has been named as…
November 6, 2017