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How to Choose a Truck Stop

by TCS Fuel | March 8, 2017

truck stop

How to Choose a Truck Stop

Every trucker needs a break and a truck stop can be that bright light at the end of a long haul. When you’re planning your rest breaks, it’s helpful to choose truck stop amenities that fit your needs. If you need to do laundry, or get your truck washed, look for truck stops with those services available. Want to work out? Many truck stops have gyms for truckers or trails nearby to get a work out in. Planning ahead can help you make the most of your downtime.

Need to do some laundry?

Most TA and Petro locations have public laundry services that cater to truckers. Because each truck stop carries different brands and types of detergent, it’s a smart idea to bring your own laundry detergent with you. It can even save you money.

Want a good workout?

Many truck stops have fitness centers to help you stay fit on the road. Some TA and Petro locations offer free StayFit indoor fitness rooms, outdoor exercise areas, maps of nearby walking and running trails, basketball hoops, and more.

Got a dirty truck or trailer?

Give your truck some TLC with a truck wash. Many truck stops offer large truck wash stations, so you can get your truck in tip-top shape. If you haul certain types of freight, like perishable food, having your trailer washed out and sanitized is required. Take advantage of your time between loads to keep your truck and trailer nice and clean.

Are you due for your DOT physical?

Did you know you can complete your DOT physical exam at select truck stops? Truck stops, like TA and Petro, offer medical services, making it convenient to stay compliant. Be sure to check the FMCSA website to confirm your location is certified by the FMCSA to perform a DOT physical exam.

Got your best friend with you?

Are you traveling with a pet? You might want to choose a pet-friendly truck stop. Check out our list of truck stops with dog parks, pet washes, walking areas, and plenty of pet food for sale. Man’s best friend will approve!

Truck Stop Parking

It’s no surprise truck parking was named the number four issue in ATRI’s Critical Issues in the Trucking Industry – 2016. These truck parking tips can help you find a safe place to park. There are mobile apps that will show you available truck parking near you, so you don’t pull up to a truck stop only to find the lot isn’t big enough or there are no available spaces.

Truck Stop Locator

Truck stops can make life on the road a little easier and truck stop amenities like laundry services, truck washes, gyms, and available parking can help you make the most of your rest breaks and fuel stops. When you need to find a truck stop near you or want to plan your trip, try the free TransConnect mobile app. Our app has a truck stop finder that shows you the best fuel prices and amenities at each truck stop. If you use the TCS Fuel Card, you can manage your fuel account any time.

Do you want fuel discounts typically only available to big fleets? Get the TransConnect Fuel Card and receive exceptional service along with the best fuel savings possible from the truck stops you visit most, call 844-827-7705 or sign up today!


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